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SIX superstitious sons of Chief Chikwanda in Masvingo have been dragged to court after they allegedly bashed a fellow villager for daring to work on his field on a “sacred day” (Chisi).

The brothers Wednesday appeared before Masvingo magistrate Judith Zuyu charged with attempted murder after they beat up one Edmore Makore until he fell unconscious.

The six denied the charges and instead, claimed they all acted in self-defence when Makore, who was rebuked by one of the brothers for breaking a taboo, produced a knife intending to stab the brothers.

However, the six were remanded out of custody to 10 July.

The brothers John, Philimon, Shadreck, Zacharia and Abineri were represented by Isaac Muzenda of Muzenda and Partners law firm.

Prosecutor Moreblessing Rusere told the court that, on January 8 this year, Edmore Makore 34 was cultivating at his homestead when one of the chief’s sons, Alois Chikwanda accosted him for working on a Wednesday.

The day is held dearly in the rural Chikwanda area as sacred.

The court heard that Alois went away and returned moments later in the company of his brothers who claimed to have been sent by the Chief to confiscate the cultivator Makore was using, as punishment for his brazen violation of the area’s traditions.

The court was further told the brothers grabbed the cultivator intending to load it onto their pick-up truck but this did not go down well with Makore who tussled with them in a bid to save his equipment.

Makore’s resolute attitude infuriated the brothers to the extend one of them, John produced a knife intending to stab him on the chest but Makore blocked the knife with his left hand, sustaining a deep cut in the process.

The court was told that the brothers then started assaulting Makore with a hoe handle and logs all over his body until he fell down unconscious, bleeding.

The brothers, it is alleged, administered first aid by pouring cold water on Makore until he regained consciousness. They then dragged him into their vehicle and drove him to a local clinic for treatment.

But while on their way, the court was told, the brothers could not resist further assaulting Makore who sustained head injuries, a deep cut on the left hand and swollen legs as a result of the assault.

A medical report was produced as evidence.

Source : New Zimbabwe