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Slice International has a new album out titled “2014 Return of Slice”. In all fairness the boy band is back in business if the latest album is anything to go by. In music, there is always room for experimenting. The good thing is that on the new album Slice International took the risk by trying out different producers and it worked.

The album sounds fresh and different from their previous works thanks to several producers including the likes of Kutso, Gordon Mutekedza aka Flash Gordon, Russo of Way Too Nice Music and D Max. Of cause, there were other songs that were produced by Collin Sondayi aka Sir Sondy, who is also a founding member of the group.

There is a little bit of everything from deep house tracks to dancehall club bangers. While the Zimbabwean music scene has changed so much that artistes no longer make classic music but bubblegum music, Slice International is sure to make its mark on the scene with the new album.

The 10-track CD opens with a dance track called “Party Time” and its for those who love to dance.

Track two features the talents of Roki on vocals and again it takes you back to the days before Slice went international.

The song has sounds synonymous with Sir Sondy on the keyboards while Roki’s vocals are well complemented by the lingering bassline.

“Chinonzi Rudo” is a love track that soothes your mind and is for those in love while the remix of “Ndiwe” , one of the group’s classics got a new lease of life. This time, the songs features the voice of Varaidzo Nyakunika and Tings on a dancehall verse. You will love the track.

Other songs worth listening to are “Kuchema” , “Handikanganwe”, “Chimbidza” and “Ooh Yes”.

The group is planning on touring Zimbabwe to promote the new album. They are going to stage shows in Bulawayo, Mutare and then Harare.

Contrary to claims that the group had split, Slicey T said the group was still intact although they had challenges due to distance.

The 90s boy band emerged from Chitungwiza and were behind the classic hits such as “Ndiwe Wandinoda” which did the rounds in pubs and clubs around the country.

Besides Tinos Slicey T Viriri and Sir Sondy, Slice International has the likes of Allan “Flavouh” Mupanduki, Gaylord “Junior D” Gwatidzo and Lenini Puton Chingaira as its members.

Source : The Herald