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Self-styled dancehall general, Sniper Storm has released his seventh album titled “Silver Bullet”. The General, as he is also known in the music circles, said the album is set to be officially launched at Private Lounge tonight and number of artistes are set to grace the occasion.

“A number of artistes are coming and it’s going to be interesting. Among them are Jah Prayzah, Daruler, Soul Jah Love and many others.

“I can assure you also that there is going to be a surprise so fans should just be ready for a good time,” explained Sniper whose real name is Donald Chirisa.

The controversial musician who at once was on loggerheads with Blessing Shumba over an alleged use of instrumentals by the former said the title of the album tells the story of a new thing which is set to destroy evil.

“Silver Bullet is all about the force that is set to destroy evil just as the mysterious silver bullets in vampire stories, it’s a final solution to some problem and simply put it’s a powerful album,” said Sniper.

The 12-track album has tracks such as “Gotsi Papata” which features NAMA winner Jah Prayzah, “Musandipopotere” which features Daruler and “Musikana ane Tundebvu” amongst others.

Sniper revealed that he had responded to fans’ demands for him to do a collaboration with a female musician on one of his songs.

“To please the fans I have also done something they have always been asking me to and that’s collaborating with a female artiste, Daruler on the song “Musandipopotere” and I’m very sure they will enjoy it,” said Sniper.

The “Kukuvarira Mukati” hitmaker said he believed the rise of youthful chanters in the dancehall circles is a welcome development as it helps the genre’s growth and was not to be mistaken for competition and rivalry.

“The genre does not have much as of now so the rise of these young artistes is actually a good thing as it also coincided with the first ever dancehall awards.

“I think everything overally points to the growth of the genre.

“Contrary to beliefs that the rise of many dancehall artistes will see the demise of the older cats like myself, I believe it’s actually a blessing in disguise as we will also learn a thing or two to make our music go the mile.”

Sniper recorded the album at his studio D-Brigade Studio and has included live instrumentation on the new album done by his Live Ammunition Band.

Source : The Herald