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So much more fun this holiday so they say.

The Easter and Independence holidays have come and gone, so what is next while waiting for HIFA?

So far many children are turning to television for education and entertainment a move some parents are in support of.

One of the reasons is that it is reducing the issue of drug abuse, sexual activities and other immoral activities that occur when children meet especially on street corners.

Though local is lekker, there’s never been a better time for young people in Zimbabwe to enjoy the many opportunities for education, information and entertainment provided by DStv.

Looking closely and after a year of development, the various DStv bouquets now offer an unprecedented variety of channels, programming and focus points that are of special appeal to women and young people.

“I am very happy that new programmes and bouquets offered by DStv are leaving a mark in our childhood. Some of the cartoons are no longer promoting violence but rather educational and it

is not a show to miss,” said Tanaka Mapurisana from Marlborough.

She said children were now controlled by the media.

“Imagine if we are to be told on television that it is going to rain tomorrow, we tend to follow and carry umbrellas because the media controls us.

“I urge all television stations to move with the times and give the audience what they want. It should be educational, informative and we should be spoilt for choice,” said Tanaka (19).

However, Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, said the DStv thrust into young people’s audience segments was bigger and better than ever before and they would strive to continuously expand and diversify.

“A wide range of the DStv platform is now geared to the needs of these segments and this will continue to grow in months and years ahead, complementing the wide range of opportunity available for the male audience.

“It’s a win-win for everyone, ensuring that all sections of the viewing public gain satisfaction and enjoyment from their DStv experience,” she said.

The youngest viewers have a rich selection of channels and programming, including Disney, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Jim Jam, Nickelodeon, BBC Cbeebies, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, ED and Mindset Learn ( Educational). Teens are catered for in almost all the channels, ranging from music to movies and from sport to social information.

Source : The Herald