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Another social media storm is brewing in Zimbabwe over a Facebook campaign calling for Jonathan Moyo to take over the presidency in 2018.

The Facebook group only has about 900 followers so far, but its emergence has prompted fresh debate about the ZANU PF succession saga.

To date, the succession battle has been centered on the contest being between Joice Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa.

But Moyo’s name has now been thrown into the mix, particularly since the notorious ZANU PF propagandist has increasingly been acting as the main spokesperson for the party.

Moyo, who is the Information Minister in Mugabe’s cabinet, has been commenting on all major issues in recent weeks, including Western re-engagement and indigenisation.

He has also been dispatched on numerous diplomatic missions, meeting Western ambassadors and others to discuss ‘normalisation’ of relations with ZANU PF.

At the same time, since taking over the Information Ministry, Moyo has been voicing headline friendly opinions on matters like media freedom, despite a lack of real changes to the media space.

Observers have commented that this places Moyo in a g position as a potential candidate in 2018.

Source : SW Radio Africa