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TWO soldiers who assaulted a member of the CIO operative until he died two years ago over a $5 quarrel for hiring his car, will spend the next 14 years in jail.

It was the State’s case that on April 17, 2012 at around midnight, Blessing Nyakwima, Nkazimulo Nkomo (both members of the army at the time) and one Damascus Tafa, were hired by, Brown Mwale, a member of the CIO and his three colleagues.

The CIO man and his colleagues wanted transport from Hwenjes Night Club in the poor neighbourhood of Glen Norah B to Irvines, not too far away from the same location.

An altercation however ensued over the $5 fare, degenerating into a fistfight. The soldiers allegedly assaulted the CIO agent and his friends with fists, booted feet and open palms before pushing them out of the car.

The violence, according to the state, only stopped when police on patrol arrived and intervened, enabling the CIO man to walk away.

However, the three soldiers later caught up with Mwale who was walking near Glen Norah community hall and resumed the beating.

According to prosecutors, the attackers then bundled Mwale into their vehicle and took him to an undisclosed location.

Once there, the soldiers further assaulted Mwale with a blunt object on the head and other parts of the body after which they dumped him along High-Glen road near Mbudzi roundabout.

Mwale later died from his wounds.

In her ruling, High Court judge, Esther Muremba, said she took into consideration that the accused were drunk and were immature when they committed the offence.

“The accused were fairly young when they committed the offence, for they were aged between 25 to 27 years.

“The court has also considered that they were in a drunken state and were breadwinners and were first offenders,” she said.

“The first and second accused have since lost their jobs in the army while the third accused was not employed but it is also a fact that the offence they committed is serious.”

Maremba said she was shocked as to why the accused persons had followed the deceased after the initial assault.

“It boggles the mind why the accused persons later followed the deceased and friends and assaulted them,” she added.

“The deceased’s friends escaped but you later on proceeded to assault the accused who was in a drunken state resulting in him sustaining a fractured skull, five fractured ribs, 12 centimetre cut on the right leg and bruises all over the body.

“What also worked against in particular the first and second accused is that they are members of the armed forces who are supposed to be highly disciplined.

“The offence calls for a custodial sentence as the deceased’s family members are going bear costs for the rest of their lives.”

Source : New Zimbabwe