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Talented dancehall musician Soul Jah Love continues to attract controversy and getting the limelight for wrong reasons.

Just a week after falling out and trading accusations with promoter Courage Zikhali, the “Ndini Uya Uya” singer is now being accused of stealing songs from little known fellow dancehall musician Fireman.

Fireman, whose real name is Macbeth Mbadzo, says he worked with Soul Jah Love for many years composing some songs that the latter claims to be his.

However, Fireman said he initially did not intend to take action but was now worried because some people claiming to be linked to Soul Jah Love are threatening him.

“I worked with Soul Jah Love as far back as 2005 before he was even known in the music circles,” said Fireman.

“We did a number of songs together but he has since taken over everything.

“I am the one who did the song “Gum Kum” and, although he took all the credit I was never bitter at all, but what now troubles me is that Soul Jah Love sends his thugs to disrupt my shows.

“Had it not been for the threats we are getting from these people, I wouldn’t have had any problems because as an artist if something fails to happen your way, you have to move on and not cry over spilt milk,” he said.

Fireman’s manager Rich Chiname echoed the sentiments saying he is also fearing for his life after recently being hit by an empty bottle which was thrown by one of Soul Jah Love’s henchmen.

“We are now really fearing for our lives after several attempts have been made to harm us.

“Just last week, after finishing a show in Budiriro 5 recently, a group of men came to me shouting that they had a message from Soul Jah Love that we should stop copying his style and one of them threw an empty bottle which hit me and I ran away to avoid further assault. I reported the matter to the police,” he said.

Soul Jah Love, however, rubbished the claims saying he never worked with anyone called Fireman. He said Fireman is only seeking mileage and publicity by tarnishing his image.

“I do not even know this Fireman character and I know his intention is to get publicity through me.

“No one really knows who this Fireman is and to say I would go after his gigs trying to disrupt insane. Why would I feel intimidated by him.

“Even if I was intimidated, why would I ever go to another artist’s shows and cause violence?” he said.

Source : The Herald