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Adrenaline junkies should brace up for lots of spills and thrills on the tarmac tomorrow when Arcdia Sports Club hosts “The Return of Kedha P Burnouts and Family fun Day” starting at 11.30am. The whole purpose is to go around an enclosed track at high speed performing various stunts with the ultimate goal of rippingblowing up the rear wheel tyres. A variety of stunts are performed with the most difficult one being the driver jumping out of his car and doing push-ups on the roof, or opening his bonnet and standing on the engine while the car is still spinning.

The spectacle will be spiced up by music from a group of DJs the likes of Shy while entertainment for children include jumping castles, water slides and face painting. There is going to be lots of braai and drinks from the bars that will be dotted around the venue.

Highlights include Canadian-based Kedha Power of the “Zvirikufaya” who is one of the top spinners lined up.

Apparently, Kedha Power’s claim to fame was when he recorded one of “Zvirikufaya” memes which went viral. And who knows, Kedha Power whose real name is Curtis Smith might recite the “Zvirikufaya” meme just to entertain the crowds.

So far, Kedha Power aka Sleeky has proved to be quite popular among radio listeners judging from the number of fans who called during his interview on Star FM.

Kedha Power will be join veteran spinners in the likes of Fat Cat, Gooda, Spin Kid, D-Boy, and Gordon. The 14-year-old D-Boy promises to be a hit with fans since he only started spinning cars at the age of 12.

The Phoenix Collage student has learnt quite a lot in the shortest period and with encouragement from his uncle Fat Cat, D-Boy is the one to watch out for tomorrow.

On the other hand, Fat Cat is one of the old guys in car spinning. It has been a decade since he started out with his BMW 3 Series.

Kunnie who has been a stuntman for a long time has an enviable task of pleasing the crowd with his high risk stunts during the “burnouts” jumping in and out of the spinning car as well as standing on the bonnet while it is in motion.

In South Africa car as well as Zimbabwe spinning is legal, provided it is done in an enclosed arena, which revellers call a “spin.”

Source : The Herald