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OPPOSITION leader Professor Lovemore Madhuku has said residents should stage massive demonstrations against President Robert Mugabe for the poor service delivery witnessed in the country’s urban centres.

The National Constitutional Assembly leader said this while addressing residents at a service delivery meeting organised by the Combined Harare Residents Association (Chra) at the weekend.

Madhuku, who was been invited to give a legal explanation of the roles and responsibilities of elected officials, said Mugabe was the leader of a ‘failing government’ and such people had a responsibility to express their displeasure with the poor service they are getting.

He said discontent at local government level should naturally translate into a protest.

“If you leave all these responsibilities to your local councilors, where will you be putting the central government and President Robert Mugabe? What should they be doing? More so the President has better privileges of travelling to where ever he wants at any time while citizens have no water coming from their taps,” Madhuku said.

“The law says you must know how far and where the council will end, and if you are at the resident level you are not only a resident but also a citizen of Zimbabwe.

“So at our level the law will gives us responsibilities as residents but they may not be enough for us to get service delivery and then we take a step further and take our responsibilities as citizens,” he encouraged residents.

The University of Zimbabwe law lecturer said he was willing to give free legal representation in the courts of law to citizens who would have been arrested for staging such protests.

In Zimbabwe protests are illegal and even more risky when they are targeting the President. Those responsible usually find themselves in police cells with serious charges such as banditry and treason being levelled against them.

Virtually all urban centres in Zimbabwe are failing to provide satisfactory service to rate payers. Common problems include burst sewerage pipes, potholes, power cuts, accumulating mountains of uncollected garbage and erratic water supplies.

In its weekly bulletin on the state of waste management in the capital last week, Chra said refuse collection remains erratic across the city exacerbated by policy inconsistencies.

The lobby group also cited policy implementation loopholes, saying “Council is using a top down approach on [waste management] policy formulation and work plans”.

Source : New Zimbabwe