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Star FM has partnered with Plan International in a campaign against child arraignment.

This partnership is in solidarity with the Day of the African Child annual commemorations on June 16 and is observed in various African countries.

The move has seen the station’s presenters Ndumiso “Skywalker” Dube and Nonkululeko “Zaza” Ndlovu broadcasting from Zhombe since June 12. Star FM’s Communications and Public Relations Manager, Beatrice Tonhodzayi-Ngondo, said the station was proud to be part of initiatives that promote the welfare of vulnerable people.

“Child marriage is an evil that must be done away with. Our Constitution says a child is anyone under the age of 18 yet daily we see reports of girls under 18 being raped or married off.

“Recently we even had issues around 12-year-olds being deemed old enough to consent, which is worrisome,” she said. “We therefore are proud of initiatives where partners like Plan International allow us to work with them to reach out to Zimbabweans and the whole world with critical messages that lead to behaviour change and a shift in how we think and behave. Child marriage is wrong and must stop that was the message.”

The project has attracted praise from different sectors with the Zhombe community expressing their appreciation of the initiative. The move is also part of the station’s Outside Broadcast campaign that is in line with Star FM’s 2015 theme of “Taking Radio to the People.”

The Day of the African Child is a commemoration to recall the 1976 uprising’s in Soweto, when a protest by school children against apartheid -inspired education resulted in their massacre by police officials.

The day further presents an opportunity to focus on the work of all sectors committed to the rights of children on the continent. The Day of the African Child also provides an occasion for governments, international institutions and communities to renew their commitment towards improving the plight of children. There are several commemoration activities lined up this week.

Meanwhile, Star FM presenter Napoleon Nyanhi, alias Napster, says he is looking forward to building networks when he participates at the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) programme under the Mandela Washington Fellowship this year. The broadcaster, who is set to leave the country tomorrow for the six-week programme, said it is yet another opportunity for him to grow, career-wise

“I am excited and looking forward to building networks. I want to meet people and gain exposure on the broadcasting trends. It is also a chance to learn about entrepreneurship and leadership,” he said. The Breakfast Club presenter is one of the 30 out of 900 contenders in the country who applied.

Tonhodzayi-Ngodzo said the station was excited about their colleague’s success. “We are confident that Napster will excel in his endeavours because he is hard working. As a presenterroducer and aspiring leader he has managed to grow his brand from the growing Star FM brand.” she said.

The programme is an initiative by the United States government designed to assist young African leaders to who want to gain skills and connections to accelerate their own career trajectories and contribute more robustly to strengthening democratic institutions, spurring economic growth, and enhancing peace and security in Africa.

Source : The Herald


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