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AN unemployed Masvingo youth driven to desperation by poverty and hunger decided to break into his neighbour’s house and stole a 5kg bag maize meal to prepare his supper, a local court heard last week.

Keith Mpofu, 19, pleaded guilty to theft when he appeared before a Masvingo magistrate Langton Ndokera. He was sentenced to 15 days in prison with an option of paying a $50 fine.

In mitigation, Mpofu said he had spent several days without a meal and, close to starving to death, felt he had no option but to break into his neighbour’s house and steal the maize meal.

“I was living in very difficult times that resulted in me spending several days without a proper meal. There are no jobs in the city and I had run out of ideas on how to survive,” Mpofu said in court.

Prosecutor Fidelicy Nyamukondiwa told the court how, on 2 May this year, Mpofu realised that Luckmore Mudzakai was away and took aantage of the opportunity.

The court heard that Mpofu broke the padlock to Mudzakai’s house and proceeded to the kitchen where he stole the maize meal.

He was however seen by Mudzakai’s neighbours as he made good his escape with the maize meal on his shoulders.

Mudzakai was told of the robbery by the neighbours upon his return and they reported the case to the police leading to Mpofu’s arrest.

Source : New Zimbabwe