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It is with great sadness that we announce that the church that was organizing the Itai Dzamara prayer meeting scheduled for tomorrow has told us that the event is no longer proceeding because of gross interference by the police for no apparent reason.

We are shocked that even the police could have the audacity to stand in the way of prayer, despite having been notified of the event by the church as required under the law.

As a party, we are naturally disappointed because the safety of citizens is a key issue that deserves national attention and the invocation of the name of the Almighty God. We are told that the event has been postponed to a new date but we continue to mobilize our members to attend this important national prayer meeting, whenever it will be held.

President Tsvangirai and the entire party were ready for this worthwhile national prayer meeting tomorrow and will continue to be ready to attend whenever it is going to take place.

The reaction of the police to foil an innocent prayer meeting vindicates our position that the State has a hand in the disappearance of this innocent man and has no shame in gross human rights abuses.

It is obvious that if you can foil a prayer meeting, you can do worse things!

MDC: Equal opportunities for all.

Obert Chaurura Gutu

National spokesperson

Source : Movement for Democratic Change