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TOURISM Minister Walter Mzembi on Thursday lambasted war veterans and Zanu PF supporters for disrupting tourism activities in the Save Valley Conservancy.

Mzembi was speaking at the official launch of the National Tourism Policy at Celebration Centre in Harare.

In remarks that were surprising for their candour, the minister who is seen as among the few voices of reason within President Robert Mugabe’s government, said politicians should protect the few remaining white farmers in Zimbabwe.

“We are not doing any good by threatening this small remaining white population. We do not want this small percentage to disappear. Let’s protect this small population of whites from disappearing altogether,” he said.

Mzembi spoke amid renewed threats by veterans of Zimbabwe’s 1970s bush war to invade the Save Valley Conservancy.

The war veterans spearheaded the violent land seizures that began in 2000 that saw the majority of white farmers kicked off their land.

The chaotic land reforms plunged Zimbabwe into an economic tailspin.

President Robert Mugabe’s government however, defended the land seizures as necessary to correct a historical injustice.

The government says the new tourism policy could rake in $5 billion into the fiscus by 2020.

Source : New Zimbabwe