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Comic musician Steve Makoni gets down to serious business in his new songs “Rufaro” and “Kurairwa Haunzwe” that tackle HIV and Aids.

Makoni who is popular for his comical antics in his music has not lost his humour in the songs although the message on stopping the spread of the virus is serious.

The songs are from his upcoming album “Munibho” that he has been sampling at his Thursday slots at the Zim Cafeacute for the past weeks.

“The album was meant to be released at the end of last year but due to technical challenges, we moved the release to sometime next month. They have however received positive feedback from regulars at the Zim Cafeacute,” he said.

The “Zvachonyana” singer said he was maintaining his witty trade mark although his social commentary songs are also meant to address serious social issues amongst people of all ages.

He said the upcoming eighth album also feature the remix to the song “Maidei”.

“The Zim Cafeacute Thursday shows started off with strangers coming together to enjoy the music.

“It has since grown and there is now a family of fans that actually know all the music and sing along when I am performing.

“What better way to treat the family than with a tease of yet to be released music,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Zim Cafeacute Director Isaac Neshamba.

“The artiste is popular with mostly the mature audience that appreciate good music in a friendly and classy environment. There are usually a number of surprises and collaborations at the shows,” he said.

Makoni made waves back in the days with songs like “Handiende”, “Zvachonyana”, “Mambo Haagadzwe” and “Dhongi” among others.

Source : The Herald