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THE opposition MDC-T party has urged President Robert Mugabe to “stop flying” in order to save the cash-strapped government millions of dollars.

The 91-year-old leader returned home Thursday from a trip to Algeria.

In an interview with NewZimbabwe.com MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said besides downsizing the country’s bloated civil service government also needed to trim the cabinet and cut drastically on foreign travel.

“He (Mugabe) should drastically limit his foreign travel in order to save money. Robert Mugabe just enjoys flying. He hops from jet onto another as if flying is just about to get out of fashion,” said Gutu.

“On these excursions, the near bankrupt Treasury picks up the tabs. How tragic! This is a man who doesn’t give a damn about the untold suffering that the majority of the people of Zimbabwe are presently going through.

“He only thinks about himself, his family as well as his political cronies. With this kind of ruler at the helm, Zimbabwe is doomed. Completely! ”

Media reports this week claimed Mugabe who has of late operated outside the country more than he has been around gobbled about $10 million in travel and subsistence expenses. This excludes the medical expenses that the nonagenarian has incurred in the same period.

Mugabe’s failing health as well as that of his wife First Lady Grace has forced them to seek medical attention in the Far East in the process straining the already tottering fiscus.

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has indicated that government is ready to cut down on the size of civil service that critics say has ballooned to over half a million twice the size it was during the tenure of the coalition government.

Zimbabwe also has a legislature comprising almost 400 MPs and Senators that critics has said is too large given the size of the population as well as a cabinet of more than 30 cabinet ministers excluding their deputies.

“Downsizing must start with the freezing of open cabinet posts. Zimbabweans are now bracing for the final implosion. The centre can no longer hold. Government can no longer pay salaries. The economy is clearly on auto pilot. The results of a rigged election are bare for all of us to see.

“Zanu PF is now playing sunset politics. Every day the people selling their goods on the pavement are sending clear signals that things cannot continue as they are,” Gutu said.

“Everyone is itching for a final push which is not going to be very far. The regime will be overrun by the people. We are now in a countdown to the people’s victory. We are now bracing for a snap election which we will resist until there are genuine electoral reforms”.

Source : New Zimbabwe