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VETERAN Denis Streak is through to the Singles semi-finals of the Nationals Bowls tournament currently underway at Hillside Bowling Club. Streak, a former Zimbabwe captain, feels he has a good chance of winning the tournament.

He beat Toni Evercroft, Timothy Machisa and Mark Fieldus in the knockout matches and is now expected to play Terry Bowes, for a place in the final.

“I am happy with my performance in the Singles. The tournament has been very interesting and competitive and it was mostly dominated by the Matabeleland teams,” said Steak.

“I am now looking forward to the semi-final where I will play Bowes and I feel I have a chance of doing well but we will see how it goes on the greens.”

Harare’s Alexandra Sports Club bowler Clive Robertson won all his three games to qualify for the semi-finals.

He will play Gary Sandwith in the semi-final.

While there was joy for the veterans, it was gloomy for the up-and-coming bowlers and 17-year-old Aaron Chilundo lost to Mark Fieldus.

“I enjoyed the tournament and I am not affected by not winning because I am getting more experience in the event, I must admit that it was tough but I was glad to be part of it,” said Chilundo. In the women’s section Alexandra Sports Club player Julie Barnes powered into the semi-finals after an impressive performance.

Mel James, Jane Rigby and Jenny Schoultz are also through to the semis.

Source : The Herald