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IF this was in football, she would probably have earned herself a few red cards for eccentric behaviour and habitual disdain for authority.

In fact, her latest theatrics would have earned her a sure yellow card. Under current football statutes, removing one’s top during play is a definite caution.

Firebrand politician and Bulawayo East MP, Thabitha Khumalo is not a stranger to controversy, something she has so consistently courted in both speech and deed.

Speaking of the former, the self-styled women rights defender is known for tracking square with the ridiculous.

At one time, she aised wives to befriend their husbands’ ‘small houses’ as a stopgap measure to reduce the risk of contracting the dreaded HIV infection.

She would return again, this time calling on authorities to allow ladies of the night to trade freely since the “commodity” was in high demand even among perceivably faithful men.

Khumalo is also known for daring powerful men who sexually abuse young girls to try it on tough-skinned ladies like her and get exactly what they would have bargained for.

“… I am also inviting those men who are raping minors to go and look for people like us, we are waiting for them. We want to see them, if you are man enough, I am woman enough.”

The MDC-T legislator was speaking during a parliamentary debate on the rape of minors last year where she also chastised sex-starved men who think they should force themselves on their girlfriends.

She blabbered on: “So honestly speaking, half the time you find that the woman is said to be wrong because it is clear that she wanted it (sex).

“It is not a question of wanting. We have passports (sex organ) to pleasure and as women, we need to issue visas (consent). I think that must be respected.”

Khumalo has been involved in internal power tug of wars in her native Bulawayo base where she has been linked to internal factional politics.

But if anyone was not yet convinced about her bad girl tag, maybe Thursday’s oddball top stripping antics by the legislator in the city would do.

She was protesting the stripping of fellow MDC-T women activists by alleged Zanu PF supporters as they trooped towards a party rally in the city’s Njube suburb.

However, the opposition MP is not in the least perturbed by her bad girl tag saying her critics mistake her principled stance for her controversy.

Challenging men

“I am principled. This belief that l like courting controversy is completely out. That is the greatest misnomer,” she said in an interview with Newzimbabwe.com.

“I am saying men have no right to undignify a woman because you have an upper hand even if she has done something wrong.

“In this country big people do not want somebody who tell the truth and who discusses real issues that affect real people and need real solutions for these issues to go away.”

Khumalo continued: “We have got two types of politicians as far as l am concerned one that wants to do something and the other that wants to be somebody, and l am one that wants to do something.”

She said of her top stripping act: “I am happy that l dignified a woman that’s what matters most.

“I will continue challenging man especially on issues of women, children and the youths. l will fight to the bitter end even if it means killing me, l have no problem with it.

“Those are the voiceless people who have no one to stand for them and l will stand for them.

“Our youths are being abused by politicians who are uncouth who realise they are not very good on the ground and get them to go and beat up people, and when they get injured they do not take them to the hospital.”

Khumalo said behind the cover of a fiery politician that she has portrayed in public was a different person.

“I am a mother, l am a sister, l am a friend, l am an activist, l am a politician, above all l believe in democratic processes.”

Source : New Zimbabwe