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Life, reality and future are all one. God gives life, reality revolves in life and future is built on life.

It is objectionable to underrate yourself at school. Whenever you think of great achievements in class, never view them as complicated like getting blood out of a stone.

Do not make the terrible mistake of lacking confidence to stand g for your goals and do not view them as unusual or impossible.

Why start complicating things even before you are examined.

Examinations direct the mind and give it a correct set up. Always be eager to say that in Christ nothing is unusual or impossible.

Only prayer and the power you exert towards a pre-set goal will lead you to prosperity.

In reality, success is not counted in time. Even if there is plenty of time allocated for a pre-set goal, failure to utilise the time wisely will never reach a golden age.

What determines success is how you utilise the time. It is never too late for success because in success one minute can make a comprehensive change. Success is not a piece of cake.

That element termed hard work is the key component of success, it is the large component of the mixture success and is the determinant of the end result of the experiment.

Hardwork is never measured in time but is measured in your commitment.

Never be concerned with a poor background that it may have an impact on your future.

Success is not historic, rather it is futuristic. Background only makes you an eager beaver, thus a very enthusiastic and hardworking person. It is not an option to be poor but make it an option to be rich. Even if your background is not that well upright, let it be a stepping stone to your success.

Determination and commitment are the tap roots to a success tree. You must strive and thrive, honey always comes after hard work and comfort comes after crying. For you to hit the big time, you have to hit a bad patch first.

Even if the road is thorny and scary, do not mind, get in and feel the pain just for a period of time, the important aspect is to reach the desired destiny even if the pain recovers slowly. It’s only one g suffering that makes a sweet success story. Never miss a beat or reject hardships because they are within the chain.

Always learn that in life, reality and future, there is nothing like clear smooth and short cut road. All roads which lead to success are very tough, confusing and straining. They are all characterised with humps, bumps, curves, twists, blind spots and potholes. All you need is to underpin yourself in moving towards them and follow their patterns.

Obstacles, hurdles and hardships are all found in the way to the “city success”, their purpose is to test your belief, faith, hope and trust unto the Lord. They are wheels within wheels.

For you to reach the “city success” you must not be washed out, be prayerful, submit your belief unto God.

Source : The Herald