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Oliver Mtukudzi, Suluman Chimbetu and Tocky Vibes will tomorrow share the stage at Ice and Fire Pamuzinda in a show that is expected to attract a diverse crowd.

The musicians will bring together a mixture of different genres that cut across age groups.

Tuku, as Mtukudzi is popularly known, will come with his katekwe rhythms that have for a long time defined what is popularly known as Tuku Music.

The musician, who believes in up keeping his culture and retracing his music styles to his roots, is expected to belt out his old and new hits at the show.

His latest album “Mukombe Wemvura” has been doing well over the past months and the musician has always shown why he is internationally recognised whenever he takes to the stage.

He has performed at Pamuzinda several times before and has delivered good acts at the venue.

Sulu, as Chimbetu is affectionately known, has done duets “Kwedu” and “Idah Nhoro” with Tuku and they usually perform the songs when they share the stage.

The dendera musician has a way of keeping fans on their toes at his shows and he proved his capability last weekend at Jah Prayzah’s album launch where he stole the show.

Despite a rebellion that almost shook his band a few weeks ago, Sulu remains g and his performance last weekend proved that he still has what it takes to keep the dendera flame alight.

He has also done a number of shows at Pamuzinda and would be returning to a familiar territory tomorrow. He has staged memorable shows at the venue and he is expected to keep the bar high.

Representing the Zimdancehall family would be DJ Cables and Tocky Vibes who is rated among the top artistes in the genre.

Famed for the hit “Mhai”, Tocky Vibes has been part of the big shows in the country and has left lasting impressions during international tours.

The musician has been praised in various circles for bringing a new dimension to local dancehall through perfect lyrics that divert from the usual vulgar and violence that mainly characterise the genre.

He is set to bank on his experience at previous big shows to make a mark when he shares the stage with the big names of the industry.

Source : The Herald