Home » Judicial » Supreme Court Orders Savanhu to Return Hwange Colliery Vehicle

Justice Vernanda Ziyambi presided over the case.

Aocate Thabhani Mpofu had earlier argued that the appeal did not have any merit hence should be dismissed.

However, Aocate Michael Majuru representing Savanhu argued that during his six-year term of employment there was no written contract that if ever his employment was terminated he would return the vehicle he was using therefore had the right to possess it.

Savanhu was allocated the Land Cruiser in July 2011 for use but was removed from the board a month later.

On his removal, Savanhu refused to surrender the vehicle despite it being registered in the company name.

He argued that the company should sell it to him because other directors in the past had been allowed to purchase the vehicles allocated to them when they left.

Savanhu was appointed non-executive board chairman of Hwange Colliery from 2006 to 2011.

Source : The Herald