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A suspected fraudster who had been on the run since 2012 after defaulting court, left the gallery in stitches on Monday when he said he was not in wilful default, but was under treatment from a traditional healer. Tatenda Gunguwo (31) the director of Hut of Africa, a catering company, defaulted court in July 2012 after he was placed on remand on fraud charges.

He appeared before magistrate Mr Milton Serima on fresh charge of fraud, which he committed this year while on an outstanding warrant of arrest.

When asked by Mr Serima why he was on the run since 2012, Gunguwo said he was not in wilful default.

“Your worship during that time you are talking about ndairwara. I had a brain tumour so hama dzangu dzakandiendesa kunorapwa muchivanhu. (I had a brain tumour, and my relatives took me to a traditional healer for treatment.) They later took me to hospital and as you can see (showing a scar on his head) ndine vanga iri randakachekwa kuhospital,” he said. Mr Serima asked if he had any proof to show that he was hospitalised and he said: “Yes I have proof your worship, I can bring the traditional healer to testify that I was indeed under his care.”

Mr Serima further asked him to produce a doctor’s report from the hospital but Gunguwo insisted on calling his traditional healer and the gallery could not hold its laughter.

Prosecutor Miss Sharon Mashavira said had it not been for alert police officers who arrested Gunguwo, he would still be on the run. Mr Serima remanded Gunguwo in custody to January 27 for trial in the old matter.

In the fresh matter, it is alleged Gunguwo connived with Edson Chikoriwondo and Barnabas Mukweva, who are already on remand, and bought 40 bicycles for $8 400 from Ekhaya Cycles Pvt Ltd using a fake Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS).

Source : The Herald