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An unidentified man suspected to be one of the wanted thieves in Masvingo on Thursday morning plunged to his death by throwing himself in front of a moving haulage truck soon after being arrested.

Acting Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa said he was still looking for details when contacted for comment.

“I am still yet to be furnished with finer details on the matter, if you can be in touch with me tomorrow,” he said.

However eye witnesses said the man believed to be in his mid-30s was handcuffed in the company of two police officers when he suddenly threw himself into an oncoming haulage truck which was Harare bound from South Africa.

The police details and the suspect were on their way to Masvingo Central police station when the incident happened.

His body was carried to Masvingo Provincial Hospital for a post mortem.

A witness said: “He was being trailed by two officers and he was in handcuffs, when he suddenly ran towards an oncoming haulage truck.

“The driver tried to avoid hitting him but there was oncoming traffic from the opposite lane.

“He was hit and went under the truck before being dragged for some meters when the truck stopped.

“He died at the spot as his head was crushed”.

Source : New Zimbabwe