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We love the weekend because it is the time where we have to be ourselves – fashion-wise that is. They say all that glitters is not really gold, that’s a given. But that has never stopped girls from going gaga for all things shiny!

From hair to heels and everything in between – glitter has its way of giving sass to a look.

Still on all things shiny, fashionistas started a fire with the gold metal plate belt that is taking the streets by storm.

The gold metal plate belt is the accessory to have and girls, you can count on it to sophisticate even the most casual outfit.

Get inspiration (or just steal the look) from style icons like Kendal Jenner, Nicki Minaj and Seleena Gomez.

How you rock it

It is now the norm to accessorise the belts when wearing dresses or dress tops but this look is most suitable for those events where you got to dress up.

Pair the belt with a cardigan and other baggy clothes to create a divide on the waist.

They also make you look feminine when you are rocking other guy stuff like boots and strait pants

Make use of this belt as well when you are rocking the Kim Kardashian translucent shirts.

Plates are so in and still with that trend, be on the lookout for metal plated dresses and tops that are likely to be the next best thing.

In the meantime, thin gold belts are also our favourites for this week because it’s all about the sass!

Till we meet next week and please enjoy your weekend.

Source : The Herald