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If our leaders were gods, then we should stop voting for them, let’s just open places of worship and exalt them! Some of the statements uttered are just plain foolish.

CLEVER people say that flattery is like cologne, it should be smelt but never swallowed. Some equate it to a chewing gum it should be enjoyed but again never swallowed for it has no nutritional value. There is a clear line that has been found in the cracks between the adjoining pieces of flattery which is contempt.

The recipients of flattery in politics should be more wary of those that utter obsequious praise than those that praise in a rational and well meaning way. They should be more wary of praise-singers than critics. Those that fawn around them with sycophantic superlatives are seeking knavery. They are only self-serving.

This has been the case in the Zimbabwean political landscape. This is one of the reasons that a term like “bootlicker” has become part of our political vocabulary. We have had a lot of young people seeking political aantage by praising the leaders of their political parties in a way which is not only embarrassing but makes any leader cringe.

The only problem is that if this praise carries on is that it gets to the head of the leader as language always corrupts thought and, therein lies the problem. They end up believing in their myths. Like Sadam, they will then craw out of foxholes. Zimbabwe will never benefit from that kind of servility. Young people who join politics should be a bout of freshness and not turn themselves into base parasites. There is no leader who can do no wrong. Leaders will err they will falter, for they are made of human material.

An example of a very retrogressive bootlicker is the new Zanu PF Secretary of Youth. He is also the chairman of the Zvimbwido Mujibha organisation known as Zimbabwe War Collaborators Association. This is a very dangerous man indeed. Recently this same individual called for the constitution to be thrown in the bin and to allow President Mugabe rule until he dies! What a numpty.

He further pushed for the punishment of all companies that refused to contribute to the President’s birthday. And, as if that is not enough, he is threatening to turn the youth back to violent ways under the pretext of “defending the revolution”. Any party leader should disown such parasites for they are dangerous to the country. This level of mediocrity should not lead the youth, but it does. Talk of singing for one’s supper.

Leaders should not be manipulated in the name of love and support. It is humiliating to eulogise and extol someone in an incredulous way that only brings both parties into disrepute therefore countering the intended effect. The reader should not misconstrue this to say a good vision by a leader should not be extolled. I am only saying praise should be rational, reasonable and realistic. The “Son of God” nonsense is not praise it is an insult to the leader who, in most cases, actually deserves to be lauded. It is better to call them an extraordinary human being than to immortalise them as some sort of god.

Those on the ruling party side who believe President Mugabe can do no wrong are wrong, and frankly stupid. His spokesman has told the nation over and over again that the President of the Republic is a human being. How many times has the president conceded to have been wrong? The Masimirembwa case, Mugabe said he was wrong the approach to the land reform he said he was wrong.

Appointing Joyce Mujuru and Rugare Gumbo, the President said he was wrong. He governs with a cabinet and he leads the party with a politburo because he doesn’t know everything. He is human, so he stumbles he falls and he gets sick. Those that seek knavery through sycophancy are insulting the leader and the general population of Zimbabwe whom we are told are very literate and can decipher the fake from the legit.

If our leaders were gods, then we should stop voting for them, let’s just open places of worship and exalt them! Some of the statements uttered are just plain foolish. When you say a leader has been chosen by God like it is alleged that one opposition official said of his own leader, are you then suggesting that all electoral processes should be abandoned as the decision of who should lead has just been placed beyond the faculties of mere mortals? When someone manipulates words like that, the leader should realise that this is an attempt to manipulate their minds. Any leader who falls for that is not worth the title. But any young person who also engages in such sycophancy has betrayed his generation.

The reader might recall the use of psychological manipulation by one leader of the ruling party who called the President “Cremora”. What is ironic is that a few months later he was alleged to have been plotting against the same President. Supposing these allegations are true, wouldn’t that smack of the highest form of deception? A fawning praise on the surface whilst there, underhand, machinations to dislodge continue.

As a leader I would rather have a sincere group of cadres than a choir of praise singers whose only value is to inflate my ego and bring it to a bursting bubble. A leader should realise that beyond those honey-coated words, there is insincere deceptive plotting. Judicious criticism is worth more to the leaders and country than obsequious sycophancy. A leader should prefer not to inhale air freshener. For it is always blended with a pungent stink.

The very violent MDC-T supporters should also know that Tsvangirai has just too many faults to mention. Nobody should believe this man is beyond reproach because the guy is really limited. But he, as well, is just a limited human being. He leads a group of people but people have also made him believe that he is the best thing for Zimbabwe since sliced bread. Sycophants! But here is a challenge to the reader. Check the comments accompanying this article and see how many sycophants there are out there.

Source : New Zimbabwe