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IT takes a lot of hard work for a coach to produce a remarkable team of stars who break records in international competitions each year. One such coach is Tafi Machingaidze, who has mentored a number of BMX stars.

He started riding in 1989 at the age of 10 before turning to guide others. Machingaidze spends each day on the track coaching new and old riders in this sport which originated in California, United States, in the late 1960s.

Riders like eight-year-old Rebekah Oberholzer, who is the current UCI BMX Champion in Under-8, is a product of Machingaidze’s team.

UCI BMX world No. 6 champion Tyla-Shae Donaldson, Andrew Chamunorwa, Penias Tenthani and Tawanda Murova are also among the best riders from Machingaidze’s conveyor belt.

Zimbabwe Team for Belgium

Girls: Rebekah Oberholzer (eight), Tyla-Shae Donaldson (13)

Boys: Nathan Horner(eight), Daniel Collet, Ben Oberholzer (10), Mitchell Siddle (11), Daniel Johnson(12), Joshua Van Blerk, Campbell Wright (13), Andrew Chamunorwa (16), Scott Donaldson(Junior elite), Penias Tenthani (elite), Tawanda Murova (17 -24).

Source : The Herald