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SENIOR members of the touring Takashinga Cricket Club yesterday conducted a cricket coaching clinic for junior players in the Ugandan town of Lugogo as part of the development thrust on their tour.

The clinic, which was led by Stephen Mangongo, was attended by selected players from local schools and other cricket clubs.

Former national team skipper Prosper Utseya, Takashinga coach Emmanuel Dube and national team bowler Tinashe Panyangara also took part in the clinic.

Mangongo said he was happy to spread the gospel of grassroots cricket to other countries on the continent.

“These young players are the future of African cricket. So we always take special keen interest because there is a mirror when you look at these Ugandan kids and those back home.

“Genuine untapped talent is in the youngsters. There is talent in the black kids especially from the ghettos and, having been given this opportunity to coach them and impart a few skills, hopefully, it will go a long way.

“I think if they get more coaching at that age, Uganda’s best will grow quicker. It’s good for Africa if we can have more teams from the continent at a competitive level the better for us as Africa.

“We can improve the game and then we can compete against each other and produce a better quality product because competition is healthy, competition brings a better product.

“So if we can help to bridge that gap by coaching the youngsters so that they become better, I think it borders well for African cricket.

“We had Prosper Utseya and Panyangara taking part. It’s good because as role models by getting into such scenarios it helps them to understand young minds, it also helps them to understand, as professional cricketers, their role model responsibilities,” said Mangongo.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the parliamentary portfolio committee on education, sport, arts and culture, Temba Mliswa, has slammed Zimbabwe Cricket’s decision to axe Mangongo as national team coach.

“The decision by ZC to fire Mangongo is unacceptable and we want to tell them that we will oppose any attempts by them to bring in a foreign coach because we know that we have capable coaches in this country and there is no one better than Steve,” said Mliswa.

“ZC are trying to save their face and use Steve as cover for their administrative shortcomings which resulted in the national team performing badly during their tour of Bangladesh recently.

“They think that by firing Steve they will shift the blame to someone else and that will cover their administrative shortcomings which has seen the team going on tour while short on incentives to really perform to the levels we expect from such sportsmen.

“It’s not a problem of the coach but a problem of the administrators and I talked to some of them today and told them that this is unacceptable because Steve has not failed, he is a very good coach who has not been given the time and support to do as well as he can do.

“Steve is a role model in our cricket and you just can’t toss him just like that, he beat Australia recently and the whole country was happy, and why then, just a few months later, can the same ZC board say that he has come short?

“You appoint a coach and five months down the line you fire him, surely that also speaks volumes about your shortcomings as administrators and we can’t blame one man for what happened in Bangladesh but a whole system and we want the whole leadership to resign.

“Everyone in our cricket should be held accountable to what happened in Bangladesh and not just one man who has spent all his life in this game.”

Source : The Herald