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ZIMBABWEAN companies have been urged to take aantage of the export market, but at the same time desist from a culture of jumping into exportation before doing proper research and assessment.

Speaking at a ZimTrade export awareness seminar, management expert Mr Denis Choguya said it was important for local companies to assess their readiness and capacity before venturing into exports.

“It is important that before you venture into export markets, you assess your capacity to produce enough products to sustain both the local and export market before you make commitments with any market,” he said.

Mr Choguya said companies should take the export market seriously and desist from a culture of serving them with remainders but should consider setting up facilities that will focus on producing for that particular market to avoid missing orders.

He said businesses should ensure that before they explore a certain market, thorough research — which will help them to know what their target market wants and the demand for the product — is conducted.

“Do not go out there and stimulate demand then fail to meet it. You should do proper market research and profile your market so that you know what they want, how they want it and in what quantities before committing to supply,” Mr Choguya said.

He said the export market provided many opportunities for Zimbabwe and these should be exploited to promote economic growth.

“There are many opportunities for Zimbabwe in the export market which when explored fully would make a great difference in our economy and even help reduce the trade deficit,” he said.

He encouraged businesses to come up with attractive marketing strategies and be willing to modify their products to suit their targeted market.

Top management commitment is also important if a business wants to venture into exports and succeed in the export market, he aised.

Source : The Herald