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Following his highly successful album launch early this month at Misty’s, Township music singer Tanga Wekwa Sando is back at the joint by public demand.

The “Wake” hitmaker returns to stage tonight for the Independence show where he is expected to delight his fans with a cool mix of old and new songs.

This is his second live show after a sabbatical which saw him record his comeback album “Katsindi”, a collector’s item if you’re into township music.

The album also features a collaborative hit called “Love Aziko” with one of the pioneering urban grooves outfits — Extra Large.

The long awaited album reaffirmed Tanga as a force in township music having started out in church, The Salvation Army in particular. His music is about love. Talk about the songs “Buhera”, “Wake”, “Paidamoyo” and the latest “Katsindi”.

“Katsindi” is a superb love track which is already making waves on most radio stations across Zimbabwe. It’s a feel-good track with an addictive chorus and boy oh boy, you got to listen to it.

If you have not liked Tanga before it’s about time you ask yourself why.

Production-wise, the album is groovy just the way township music fans like it.

But he has plenty of hits to his credit such as “Mahobho”, “PaFio”, “Torai” and “Stokononzi”.

Those who are going to turn up at Misty’s will not be disappointed as the granddad of township music takes to the stage.

Source : The Herald