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YOUNG female motocross rider Tanya Muzinda’s star continues to shine after she was appointed ambassador of the European Union-supported food security project last Friday.The nine-year-old was appointed during the Europe Day on May 9 and EU head of delegation to Zimbabwe, Aldo Dell’Ariccia, confirmed the development yesterday.

“She was appointed Ambassador of the project ‘Livelihood diversification programme in Hwange and Binga districts’, implemented by the Italian NGO ‘COSV’ in collaboration with organisations called Lead Trust and Lubhancho House.

“The project receives EU support of over US$2 million and has the objective of enhancing Zimbabweans’ capacity to be food independent and improving nutritional standards through sustainable livelihood diversification including the production of drought tolerant crops, vegetables, community-based seed system, links with private markets and livestock management skills,” said Dell’Ariccia.

Dell’Ariccia said they were proud to be associated with Muzinda as a young-up-and-coming rider who have done well for herself in motocross.

“We are very pleased and proud that Tanya has accepted the role as Project Ambassador. For the EU it means that we are able to help a courageous Zimbabwean girl fulfil her dream and develop her career as a champion.

“It also gives visibility to an excellent project that, thanks to the commitment of the farmers and the communities, has transformed an area which was totally dependent on external food aid into an area that can now export grains and that can even process its grains into the much appreciated flour for red millet sadza,” said Dell’Ariccia.

The EU head of delegation to Zimbabwe said the young rider will be an inspiration to the workers involved in the project.

“Tanya is a recognised and acclaimed motocross champion. As the extension workers of the project have to ride their motorcycles on tough roads in the countryside, Tanya, with her courage and her skills as a motocross champion, can be an example and an encouragement for all of them, hence her role as an Ambassador for the project.

“We took into consideration gender, age and personality. We hope that we can visit the project area with her so she can speak to the rural extension workers and share with them her experience as an outstanding biker.

“As a reward for her role as an Ambassador of the project, Tanya will be able to use a motorcycle which is the best for motocross, which, incidentally, happens to be a European Brand, the Austrian KTM.

“We hope that Tanya’s talents will lead her to be not only a Zimbabwean champion but a regional one and possibly a world champion!

“We also hope that the beneficiaries of the food security project will feel proud to contribute to this objective and that they will appreciate the recognition of their hard work and their success,” said Dell’Ariccia.

Tanya’s father, Tawanda, said this was a big achievement for the young athlete as her efforts in sport were now being recognised.

“Through that appointment she will get a bike she will be using on her duties, a KTM 65cc, and also in her competition. This actually is a great achievement in the history of Zimbabwean women, especially the girl child, that such an organisation can recognise her effort.

“It’s actually a plus for Zimbabwean women and she can appreciate that what she is doing is not in vain,” said Muzinda.

Source : The Herald