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RampB singer Taurai Mandebvu is now fusing his music with African flavour. In a new single titled “My Love”, Mandebvu makes an interesting twist by adding traditional Zimbabwean instruments.

While he sings in English, his message is quite original and relevant to our modern day society as it maintains the RampB sound.

According to Mandebvu, the move is aimed at making the music appeal to all ages.

“I am going back to my early days where I entered the music scene with “Nyeredzi”.

“The song was a hit because it was original and had an African fusion to it. By this I am hoping it will not be bubble gum music but something that can be appreciated by a wider audience,” he said.

The song that is enjoying its fair share of airplay has a startling video.

He added that by embracing the Zimbabwean identity in music, young artistes like him would stand a better chance of penetrating local and foreign markets.

“I maintain that I am an RnB artiste but one who has the Zimbabwean identity. I don’t want to do what Chris Brown is doing because it is not original to this part of the world.

“It is time that we sell something that is ours. If we have something different then we stand a better chance of breaking into other markets other than our own,” he said

Mandebvu has another follow up single with a party feel entitled “Hela”. It is a danceable party anthem whose video will feature scenes of people having a good time.

Due for release in the next few weeks, the song is said to have a different feel from “My Love” although the concept is still the same.

Both singles are off his upcoming album “Hupenyu- Life” that were produced by Nyasha Timbe and Tman Mount Zion

“This is still a trial process because while both songs have an African touch to them, their styles are different. I want to see the reception from the fans and also where it will take me,” he said.

Taurai Mandebvu is a versatile artiste who broke onto the music scene nine years ago.

Having been a band member for popular urban grooves artiste Roki years before, he has since established his own successful solo career.

He is eager to steer the course of Zimbabwean music to greater heights.

Source : The Herald