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POLICE have arrested a man said to have been on a mission to carry out a series of armed robberies in Harare after a taxi driver he hired took him straight to a ZRP station.

Sambulelo Ndlovu 35 was nabbed and found in possession of firearm after a taxi he had hired from Machipisa to Southley Park, in Harare became suspicious and drove straight to Machipisa Police Station.

Following a search by detectives, Ndlovu was found in possession of an unregistered firearm, a hunter’s knife, latex gloves and adhesive tape.

ZRP spokesman Paul Nyathi said upon being interviewed, Ndlovu said he had been invited from Bulawayo by s colleagues with an intention to commit robberies.

In an unrelated case, two most wanted criminals who have been terrorizing motorists along the Harare-Beitbridge road have been arrested and will soon appear in court for series of robbery and murder cases.

Taurai Gwade was arrested in Mvuma while Boniface Musharavati, 39, was arrested in Masvingo for crimes they committed between 9 May and 19 December 2014.

The two will be charged with 19 counts of robbery and 1 count for the murder of Onward Chiripamebiri.

10 of the crimes were committed with the aid of their accomplice Lihlonolo Moyo and Clive Shumba who are both on remand.

According to the police, the group stole items worth more than $60,000 in their crime spree, targeting motorists along Beitbridge road.

The police said, as their modus operandi, the gang would drive donkeys during the night onto the middle of the road to force a slowdown of the vehicles before deflating their tires.

This would force the driver to stop and they would then attack and rob their victim.

Meanwhile, a mutilated human head was found at Mabvuse Centre in Kutama on Christmas Day and police are appealing for members of the public who may have information to assist in identification and investigation

Source : New Zimbabwe