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A 36-YEAR OLD Nyatsato Primary School teacher was yesterday convicted of displaying his erect manhood to a teenage girl. Emmanuel Makahamadze was fined $100 for public indecency by Mbare magistrate Ms Gladys Moyo. Failure to pay the fine would attract 30 days imprisonment. In passing sentence, Ms Moyo said Makahamadze’s behaviour was inappropriate considering the fact that he is a teacher.

“Such conduct is not only despicable but shameful, especially looking at your age.

“More so, you are a teacher by profession and you should learn to behave in the right manner and be a role model in the society and to the children that you teach,” she said.

Ms Moyo warned Makahadze not to repeat the same offence or else he would be jailed.

“You have to be warned that such conduct in the future might attract imprisonment,” she said.

Prosecutor Mr Doubtful Mateo alleged that on February 10 around seven in the morning, a 17-year-old girl and her friend were on their way home.

Makahamadze followed the girls. He tried to grab one of them, but she managed to escape.

Makahamadze then went after the teenager with his zip open and playing with his manhood for the girl to see.

The girl sought refuge at a nearby house with Makahamadze in hot pursuit.

Makahamadze forced his way into the house through the window, the court heard.

Residents apprehended Makahamadze and handed him over to the police.

Source : The Herald