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A female teacher at Victoria High School in Masvingo has been caught up in a child abuse storm after she allegedly ordered a Form One pupil to take a bath in the open while male and female class mates at the Government-run boarding school watched.

The teacher, Ms Victoria Gorimani, who is a superintendent at Les Sharp Hostel, allegedly ordered the 13-year-old boy to perform the humiliating act as punishment for refusing to bath.

The incident allegedly happened just before schools closed for the first term outside the hostel which is shared by both male and female junior students.

While the school headmaster Mr John Muzamani was hostile when asked about the issue earlier this week, it is alleged that Ms Gorimani has since been relieved of her post as superintendent at Les Sharp Hostel.

Her removal was meant to facilitate investigations.

Masvingo district education director Mr Zakaria Makopa said investigations into the matter were ongoing.

“We have ordered the headmaster, deputy headmaster, senior master and the senior woman at Victoria High School to investigate allegations being levelled against the teacher in question because we are not taking the matter lightly,” he said.

“Once investigations have been completed, I will hand over the report to the provincial education director (Mrs Fadzai Jirivengwa).”

Deputy director for Secondary and Non-Formal Education in Masvingo Mr Andrew Chikwange said requisite action would be taken against Ms Gorimani if allegations against her were proved.

Mr Chikwange said a team had since been set up to investigate the matter with a report expected in two weeks. Some parents queried why authorities at Victoria High School allowed junior female and male students to share the same hostels.

Source : The Herald