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A 42 YEAR-OLD teacher was Thursday arraigned before the courts in Gweru on allegations of caressing a 17 year-old student’s things after showing her pictures of people having sex on is cell phone.

Alfonse Maputsenyika appeared before provincial magistrate, Pathekile Msipa facing charges of unlawful entry, indecent assault and for contravening a section under the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act.

Maputsenyika, a teacher at Gunde primary school in Chiwundura entered the girl’s sister bedroom and allegedly fondled her thighs after showing her nude pictures.

Maputsenyika and the girl’s sister teach at the same school and are also friends, the court heard. The girl is a form three student at the same school.

The teacher, who is represented by Reginald Chidawanyika, however denied the charges arguing that they were trumped after he was requested by the girl’s sister to monitor her movements when she (girl’s sister) had gone to Gweru for a weekend break.

He argued that when he reported the girl to her sister after discovering that she was sleeping with some boys in her absence that is when she made the false charges.

The state alleged that on the 10th of October 2014, the girl was left alone after her sister had gone to Gweru for a weekend.

Maputsenyika then entered the girl’s sister bedroom and proposed love to her.

It is further alleged that upon entering the room, Maputsenyika found the girl sitting on the bed and sat close to her before fondling her thighs after showing her pictures on his cell phone of people having sex.

Prosecutors said the girl jumped from the bed after which Maputsenyika left the room.

The girl later told the deputy headmistress that her sister was sending her away to their parents because of false allegations levelled against her by Maputsenyika.

That is when she also revealed that Maputsenyika had indecently assaulted her leading to his arrest.

Source : New Zimbabwe