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A Harare magistrate yesterday ordered the unfreezing of Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe bank accounts after the State failed to complete investigations within a reasonable period.

Detectives barred TUZ officials from accessing the association’s bank accounts until investigations in the matter in which the association’s housing co-operative committee members were accused of misappropriating US$563 623 was com- plete.

Harare magistrate Mr Donald Ndirowei said the State was given sufficient time since January this year to complete investigations, but failed.

Represented by their lawyer Mr Charles Nyika, the accused said the freezing of the TUZ’s FBC Bank accounts had negatively affected the association’s operations.

Mr Nyika submitted that TUZ’s funeral account and housing co-operative and housing development accounts should be unfrozen to ensure that the association’s operations continued unfettered.

“The accounts are for civil servants and not individuals,” he said.

“There are bereaved members who have not been given assistance by the association. Services offered to the union also need to be paid. It is my humble prayer that the suspension be lifted.”

Prosecutor Mr Farai Gatsi opposed the application indicating that police investigations were not yet complete.

Mr Gatsi alleged that in 2003, TUZ formed a housing co-operative called the Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe Ushewokunze Housing Co-operative comprising 518 members.

The co-operative was given land at Saturday Retreat Farm in Harare South by Government for housing development.

The co-operative opened two FBC Bank accounts and from 2009 to 2013 the co-operative members contributed US$763 623,50 for water and sewer reticulation installation that was deposited into a bank account, it was alleged.

Co-operative committee members allegedly converted US$563 623,50 to their own use and only US$200 000 was accounted for.

Source : The Herald