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THREE-TIME world women’s motocross champion Stefy Bau has gone on a fund-raising drive in the United States which will see her raising money to finance the shipping of motorcycling equipment to Zimbabwe for talented young female rider Tanya Muzinda.Italian Bau, who is based at Tallahassee in Florida, United States, took this initiative after her visit to Zimbabwe in December last year where she trained nine-year-old Muzinda for two weeks prior to the start of the 2013 Zimbabwe Summer Series at Harare’s Donnybrook Raceway.

Bau was impressed by Muzinda’s motocross riding skills during the four-day Zimbabwe Summer Series and she offered to become her “manager” on the international front and she pledged to source some funds and racing equipment for the talented Zimbabwean rider.

It was soon after returning to her base in Florida in December last year that Bau launched the “TeamTanya Project” which also saw her coming up with a fund-raising drive that has seen her launching a webpage for Muzinda where she is asking for people in the United States and Europe to donate some cash which will help her to ship the motorcycling equipment to Zimbabwe.

And according to Muzinda’s webpage created by Bau, the “TeamTanya Project” recently managed to raise US$400 in four days in their fund-raising drive and they are expecting to receive more funds from well-wishers in the United States and around the world.

“Imagine a little girl with rural Africa in her blood that dreams of becoming an international motocross star. Meet Tanya Muzinda. Tanya is from Zimbabwe and she is the first generation of her family to be born in the capital, Harare.

“TeamTanya was born to help this little girl reach her dream. Thanks to #TeamTanya efforts Tanya is now able to go to school. Support is coming from all over the world but it is still very difficult to ship products to Zimbabwe to help her in her racing dreams. We are looking for support to cover the expenses to ship (the) products to her. Any help you can provide is very much appreciated.

“For every US$20+ donation made you will receive a #TeamTanya sticker to support the cause. The world of motocross is getting together to help Tanya in changing her future. Are you ready to be part of #TeamTanya?” Bau recently told Vurbmoto, a top motorcycling magazine in the United States.

And this first saw a number of people responding to Bau’s plea for support and an anonymous person donated US$250 last week while Robert Hill and Erle Vaughan chipped in with US$40 and US$50 respectively to the “TeamTanya Project|”.

Anastasiya Nifontova (US$10), Didi Bau (US$20) and John Robertson (US$10) also contributed some money to the “TeamTanya Project” last week.

Antonio “Tony” Cairoli, a seven-time Grand Prix motocross world champion, is also supporting the “TeamTanya Project” and is promoting it back home in his home country, Italy.

Cairoli is widely regarded as one of the all time greats of the sport.

Bau said they were determined to turn Muzinda into a world class female motocross rider hence their initiative of coming up with the “TeamTanya Project” which is surely going to get a lot of support from the sport’s followers in the United States and throughout the world. Muzinda was in May this year appointed as the European Union ambassador for food security in the rural areas in Zimbabwe. The EU Ambassador, Aldo Del Arricia, made the announcement at the EU day celebrations at his official residence in Harare in May, saying Muzinda “represents that generation of young Zimbabweans that look at the future with confidence and courage.”

This will see Muzinda, in her new role, working alongside field workers who use motorbikes as the mode of transport, traveling from place to place assisting and supporting farmers to improve their productivity.

It was through this appointment that the EU bought Muzinda a brand new KTM motorbike that she will also use for her competitions.

“We count on you to become not just a Zimbabwean champion, but a regional champion and possibly one day a world champion,” Del Arricia told Muzinda, an Eaglesvale schoolgirl.

Source : The Herald