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The obsession with technology has always driven us to search for the latest inventions on the market. Innovations have somehow revolutionised our worlds although not all the time.

This week we are looking at some of the most ridiculous innovations and on top of that list is a selfie stick.

Of course it is effective and serves the intended purpose of taking selfies, group pictures and whatever but let’s face it – they are not cool.

How self-centred and selfie-addict can one really get?

I have seen people use selfie sticks and I am trying to get used to it but until then my verdict is it is ridiculous and desperate (for attention on whatever platform that picture is going).

Smart watches

Ok, I know I will get mixed reactions on this but hear it from someone who has first-hand experience – the gadget is ridiculous sometimes.

Just like the selfie stick, I’m still trying to get its true purpose after using it for months – true story.

Am I a spy? So why am I supposed to put my wrist close to my mouth and speak on it to answer calls? Again, ridiculous. After all, it does not work in the absence of a phone so if you decide to use the James Bond watches, then you probably need a code less earpiece and a smart phone.

That is too much clutter.

Electric tooth brush

I don’t know about yaacutell but I maintain my stance on this, unless you are paralysed, these are totally absurd.

Again, my experience over the years has led me to this conclusion.

Besides the buzzing sensation, there is nothing else that I found amusing about this gadget.

If you brush your teeth right with an ordinary toothbrush then you are likely going to do a better job than using the fancy tooth brush.

After all, what are you, a wannabe dentist?

Curved TV

Smart television sets are the way to go but remind me again why we need them in the home?

Television sets have evolved for the past years – they got bigger, slimmer, sharper, clearer and more real in the 21st century.

But surely the smart guys have run out of ideas, curving?

I am not impressed.

We wish we could make the list bigger, but we chose gadgets that are available on our market.

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Source : The Herald