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Children love exploring things because it is fun in their way, it provides them with authentic self expression: the freedom of choice, thought and feeling. They tend to make their inventions count in their personal development.

Young Valentine Shoti, a Zengeza 1 High student might become Zimbabwe’s next successful inventor to create, manufacture and distribute a new product. She has managed out of her own little resources able to make a special ‘Super plus peanut-butter’ that is set to help many who like the taste of it.

The 18-year-old said it all started when her grandmother (71) encouraged her to attend a science exhibition in 2012.

“I love my grandmother, we have always been into gardening and as opposed to the idea that only boys do it, I have my own garden that she gave me to grow herbs. She encouraged me to take my herds to the 2012 SETT competitions and there I met other student exhibitors who encouraged me to make use of my herbs by mixing them with an edible product. Just there I thought of peanut-butter”, she said.

She said she chose peanut-butter because it was the easiest.

“We have a peanut-butter making machine at our home which I thought would help me to boost my idea. It was so convenient for me because I could not incur any cost. I began mixing them and since then it has been successful”, she added.

Valentine who is also the Public Relations Officer for Chitungwiza Junior Council said her product is ideal cure for many ailments.

“The good part of the peanut-butter is that it is ideal for those who suffer from common colds, constipation, sore throats, blocked noses, kwashiorkor in babies, rich in dietary fibre, cleansing the cervix and many others that if need be can be of us to those affected with HIV”, she said. She is set to approach the Ministry of Healthy and Child welfare and SAZ for assistance.

“I am proud that I have come up with this product that might help cure diseases in our country, I am now looking for assistance that I may approach the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare but first the Standards Association of Zimbabwe who will approve my product for commercial use,” she said.

Valentine who is also a great public speaker said her friends at school have nicknamed her ‘Godobori’.

“Ever since I started making the super-plus peanut butter, I have run short of friends and they still call me names. Top of the names is ‘Godobori’, I laugh at it sometimes because they do not understand me or how and why I make the herbal peanut-butter. As long as I have Michelle Chikozho to stand by me, I am rest assured”, she explained.

Valentine said she has time for both school and the peanut-butter business, she has not disclosed how to make her Super plus peanut-butter for fear of being reprimanded of her invention. Of late she has made other products like perfumes, petroleum jelly, anti-pimples and ringworms lotion.

Source : The Herald