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In what could be an alarming turn of events in Harare and some major cities in Zimbabwe as a whole, the then innocent youthful generation has been caught off the hook prying along “taboo” Hollywood trends.

The jibe is believed to have started as a result of lifestyle changes where modern technology and television have become vibrant and cheaper to children.

Maybe it was just a thought, but maybe one of the days if one dares to take a closer look of the scary flow of teenagers both boys and girls at the two popular joints Joina City and the Harare Main Post Office, maybe could probably delve into investigations of the prevailing conventions.

Not personal either, but rather it is just a matter of fostering human dignity with excessive efforts to curb what could possibly be “teen viral”.

In recent times, the Government has implemented and invested so much in the girl child and all the youths at large through the Ministry of Gender and the Ministry of Indigenisation, Youth Empowerment respectively. Who then is going to cherish the flourishing success and wealth the country is incurring if the deemed future generation is proving unproductive?

Without much ado, it has emerged that teens from all walks of life in Harare have found a new love nest and a dealing binge impelled as their world of fantasy come every weekends and during the school holiday breaks.

Struck by whining questions in a head with five senses, it is interesting to note who could be the real parents of these “wild and lost” children who have become the ‘Miley Cyrusses of Zimbabwe?

It has become a norm to see mostly 17 and 18-year-old girls loitering mission-less at these two places prompting both boys of the same age and the older dudes to pleasurably take control of the ‘crazy’ business plan of the day. The boys donning in below the hip skin pants and loud mahawks will then automatically assume the role of party planners.

A gang of three boys is no doubt seen accommodating not less than six girls in a four-seater Toyota Vitz or any better mode leased to the young boys from an older man who will then use the power of money to moot and loot the girls for “cohabiting” pleasures.

At times loud noisy booming cars gut down the area and the sassy pre-maturely teens in response effortlessly scream and shout on top of their voices.

Asked if Joina City delivery zone and the Harare Main Post Office front entrance area has been formally booked for their activities, Kharizma, a regular face on the two joints refuted indecency claims citing that the places were convenient and central for most Hararians who use public transport.

“We have since gone past an era when partying used to be restricted, everybody loves to party so that is why most people come here for their preparatory party time because it is central and convenient for all those who use ETs. Easter holiday is on our doorsteps and we say happy holidays… but remember to behave!!

Source : The Herald