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ZWTeens was recently at the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) with Lower Six commercial students from Hilbright College as part of its programme to engage students in money matters and informing them on how to save money. Students got the chance to see for themselves how shares are traded on the bourse. They were privileged to learn about the capital market structure and the opportunities on how they can take part in the buying of shares.

This year the movement is running under the theme “Save today, Save tomorrow”, with the aim of making children to be more active in monetary issues.

One of the students at the workshop, Deanne Makoni, said that he had learnt precious knowledge that one can wisely use for the better of the economy.

“It is such an honour for me to have learnt on how to invest and, above all, I wish all the other students can get the same opportunity just as I did.”

The main objective of the organisation is to come up with a thrust of building active socio-economic citizens collectively with individuals and industries.

zwTEENS is also going beyond doing lessons and workshops on asset building and financial skills around the country as it has joined hands with organisations who are interested in supporting finance education for young people such as the ZSE and they also would like to join arms with other institution to make their programme more effective.

Rumbidzai Munatsi, a Lower Six student, said: “This is a great experience of my life as we do not get such an opportunity to learn about this at school.”

Zimbabwean youths are the main targeted people who are supposed to be taking control of the economy as they are given the opportunity to present their ideas.

zwTEENS is dedicated to increasing the economic citizenship of children and the youth, within the field of Child and Youth Finance (CYF).

The Child and Youth Finance Movement symbolises all those who are working towards economically empowering children and youth by giving them the knowledge to make wise financial decisions, the opportunity to start saving, and the skills to find or create employment.

It is vital to equip the youth with financial knowledge and management skills to enable them to set goals in life and make plans for realising them.

Source : The Herald