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Telecel has unveiled an electronic airtime recharge platform, dubbed e-Juice, which does not need identification code and enables customers to recharge their mobile phones without using airtime scratch cards.

E-Juice allows subscribers to get airtime directly loaded onto their mobile phones without having to purchase physical scratch cards or vouchers which come with recharge PIN numbers.

This platform has the aantage of making recharging faster and more convenient for subscribers. The new recharge platform has no fixed denominations and comes with a wider range of airtime from as little as 1 cent to as much as $50.

This makes it especially useful as an alternative for getting change in supermarkets, which is often unavailable due to the shortage of coins, said Telecel communications and branding director, Mr Obert Mandimika

“E-Juice comes with a lot of added aantages the most notable being that there are no scratch cards involved so the direct recharging process is much faster and convenient. Furthermore, our customers no longer have to struggle with over-scratched recharge cards whose PIN numbers are sometimes difficult to make out,” he said.

“Apart from the obvious convenience for our customers, e-Juice makes it easier for our dealers and vendors to distribute and receive airtime.

For instance, dealers no longer need to travel to collect physical scratch cards. Instead they can simply purchase airtime remotely and distribute that airtime via an electronic wallet,” Mr Mandimika explained.

“This has a huge impact on the logistical costs usually associated with moving, storing and securing physical (airtime) scratch cards,” he added.

The added aantages for dealers, distributors and vendors is that they do not get stuck with high value denomination cards, which are difficult to sell, as the e-juice allows them flexibility of distributing airtime. The new system will not only improve the overall customer experience but it will also reduce our environmental footprint by reducing the litter that is associated with discarded scratch cards and recharge vouchers.

In order for Telecel customers to purchase recharge airtime using e-Juice they simply pay for the airtime they want, give the teller their mobile number and the money is sent directly on to their mobile wallet.

Subscribers can purchase e-Juice airtime from any Telecel shops and dealers displaying the e-Juice logo.

The e-juice platform comes after Telecel recently announced the launch of its telecash mobile application, which allows customers to perform several transactions including purchasing airtime on the application.

Source : The Herald