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The ‘Poetry And Music’ project will this weekend present poetry and storytelling concert that will see a number of musicians and poets collaborating during performances at Book Cafe.Musicians Alexio Kawara, Edith WeUtonga, Lincolin WaMabo and Dimitri Kwenda are set to collaborate with poets Barbra Breeze Anderson and Mazvita “Yonique”.

In a statement, project coordinator Anderson said there are going to be African stories being told through music and poetry.

“The story of being African will be told through poetry and music,” she said.

She called for people to come in their numbers to experience a mixture of poetry and music.

“People must come in their numbers and join us for a poetry and music evening where poets, lyricist and musicians collaborate to convey their stories.

She added that it is going to be a collaborative efforts by artists to celebrate being African.

“It is a collaborative effort to celebrate being African through shared stories of a people, a nation, a continent and a history that has more triumphs that it has failures,” she added.

Anderson will collaborate with Alexio Kawara on vocals and mbira taking people on a descriptive and lyrical journey of self-discovery while Soulful poet Mazvita ‘Yonique’ will perform her poetry with the dynamic and charismatic Edith WeUtonga on bass guitar.

Dimitri Kwenda, a hip-hop artist, will perform with a rock guitarist from his band ‘The Scarecrow’ and this is going to be modern storytelling of spoken word and rock music collaboration.

Guitarist and vocalist Lincoln WaMambo will collaborate with Anderson again on a sneak-peak performance of their poetry and music album to be launched in October this year.

Source : The Herald