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State owned fixed telephone service provider TelOne is digitalising its system, moving from analogue to the fibre to home project, which has enabled it to offer a converged service.

TelOne last carried out digitalisation from the analogue Posts and Telecommunications (PTC) era to the existing system of its brand.

After sticking to the traditional copper cabling, TelOne deployed the fibre to home through a gigabit passive optical network.

The fibre to home project ensures fast and unlimited internet connection wherever one is situated.

“The fibre project enables residents to enjoy internet services at home at very high speeds of up to 100m.b.ps,” corporate affairs manager Melody Harry said, adding the company had so far covered 60 percent of the country.

“We are doing it silently and only 40 percent out of the whole country is left,” she said.

TelOne is presently piloting the fibre to home project at Ruwa, a few kilometres east of the capital, where it has digitalised the telephone exchange to include three digit prefix after the area code.

The company said the change would include prepaid voice, video and audio conferencing, interactive video response services and ADSL.

TelOne also plans to have a data centre which would offer customers the opportunity to rent virtualised services, provision of software development and testing platforms as well as web and e-mail hosting services.

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Source : The Herald