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TelOne has unveiled a new data client service centre in a bid to improve service delivery and connectivity for their subscribers. The internet or data client service centre is housed at the TelOne Main Exchange along Sam Nujoma Street.

TelOne has managed to convert part of the Exchange building into a customer oriented support centres where their various internet clients can now freely walk into for support and various services.

It deals with clients with queries on technical support such as problems with their ADSL modemsrouters, settings, activating accounts or getting technical assistance on the compatibility of their modems often frequent the new centre.

The support centre is manned by internet and data support staff and highly skilled technicians that offer hands on or remote support to thousands seeking such services.

Currently TelOne is offering data service on ADSL, VSAT and their fibre last mile to the Zimbabwean market and hence the need for such a dedicated service centre.

Speaking recently during their breakfast event on their new satellite based service, VSAT, TelOne said that they availed the product to the remote and critical areas of the nation at a cost of $51 per month, in their quest to bridge the technological divide.

TelOne’s managing director, Mrs Chipo Mtasa said that the news has been received well by stakeholders as the previous satellite based systems they have been offering were quite expensive, while the new VSAT based service comes as a relief for these areas.

“We have growing demand for the service and we have opened central support centres to be able to serve our clients from convenient areas,” she said.

Interestingly, the service centre has also been turned into payment arenas as clients are also able to pay for their broadband packages at the centre as well as make any other enquiries on TelOne products and services.

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Source : The Herald