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New gospel group, Breeze, will on Saturday announce their entry on the local music scene at an album launch to be held at Prince Edward High school’s main auditorium. The album entitled “Hosanna” is their first recording and they have been doing music underground for a while, according to the group’s representative and executive director Nyaradzo Maphosa.

“The album “Hosanna” has 12 tracks and two bonus tracks that were composed by the group. All songs acknowledge the faithfulness and holiness of God and how we can totally depend on him,” she said. The upcoming album launch will be graced by renowned gospel outfit, Shower Power that will also perform during the event together with Arcadia Male Choral.

“The event is going to be a classy spiritual show with beautiful songs.

“The songs are dedicated to God,” she said. Other members of the group include Melody Mavhuti who is the group’s music director, Phoebe Maisiri, Monica Mbiva and Blessing Madzaniri.

Besides the official five, they continuously audition members that they put on standby until they are needed.

“The group is not about individuals but God. We were brought together by that purpose. The concept will always remain even if members come and go. It is the same with Shower Power, who, besides having only one of the founding members keeps making beautiful music,” she said

Maphosa also spoke of the Breeze meaning saying the name was inspired by the effects of the Holy Spirit when it enters one’s life.

“A breeze is a refreshing feeling that cools and calms a person. it is the same feeling that one feels when they have the holy spirit: they are at peace and have serenity, something we hope to spread with our music,” said Maphosa. She was confident of their endurance on the gospel scene, revealing that they already had material for their next two albums

Source : The Herald