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POPULAR animated video clips that have taken social media networks by storm, The Bulawayo Show, will be officially launched in Bulawayo, early August.

The launch has been slated for 8 August, 2014, at the Rainbow Cinema in Bulawayo.

The Bulawayo Show, a series of comedy clips tackles various issues like peer pressure, drug and substance abuse, dating and adolescence, among others.

The themes are tackled in a humorous and appealing way and this has seen its popularity skyrocket, with many people circulating the clips on social networking sites like Facebook and Youtube. While cartoons have always been a favourite of many, especially the young, it is the aent of animated movies and adult cartoons like The Family Guy and The Boondocks, that rekindled the love for cartoons in adults.

Locally, attempts to venture into the world of cartoons and animation have been made but without much success.

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Brucik Lungovich, the man behind animation of The Bulawayo Show, seems to have found the right formula, judging by the number of clips he has produced and the consistency and dedication he has shown to his work.

Lungovich, a fourth year medical student at Perm State Medical Academy in Russia, fell in love with cartoons at an early age and a four year stint with a games development company in Russia, gave him the platform to learn the craft. While on vacation leave in Bulawayo, Lunga, met with officials from Ingwe Studios, and this led to the birth of The Bulawayo Show.

Comedy in general is on the rise in the country, with the emergence of many stand-up comedians but Lungovich contends that their product is unique.

“The show is the first of its kind in that we are the pioneers of animated Ndebele comedy in the country. It has consistent characters that most people relate to in their day to day lives,” he said.

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The popular characters are Ratu and Sox, two friends who always have a few tricks up their sleeve and are on a quest to become famous and attract girls.

Ntuthu, is popular with his “Ntuthu’s Guide” where his shares his personal life experiences. Other characters in the show are Elando Da General, Ama and Beatz, Nxumalo and his two grandsons Sporo and Mkomo, Alpha and John. Zenzele Ndebele, of Ingwe Studios encouraged people to attend the launch and to expect quality entertainment.

“Without spoiling the element of surprise, I will simply state that it will be three hours of hilarious laughing and everyone will get their money’s worth,” he said. “After the launch we are going to sell our content in Ds. We have already set up an online store to sell the merchandise all over the world. We are also selling aertising space in our show, to those who are interested in marketing their products. Ladies Love Artists

Source : New Zimbabwe