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After going silent for years finally the popular grand old gents of jazz ‘The Cool Crooners’ are set to perform at Book Cafeacute this Saturday. The group will also make a debut appearance at the upcoming Harare International Festival of Arts opening on April 29.

They will be joined on stage by showman Lucky Thodhlana and relative newcomer George Salim who grounds the group with his fine baritone. After nearly 60 years in the profession they still have got the moves and the harmonised voices and interestingly two band members Abel Sithole and Tims Sekane turning 80 this year.

Starting out in the 50s as two groups — The Golden Rhythm Crooners and the Cool Four, they were among the first proponents of Zimbabwe ‘township’ music.

The surviving members formed The Cool Crooners in the 90s, as a way of wanting their legacy to live on.

From 2000 they toured the USA and Europe charming international audiences with their classic old time dance steps and harmonised rhythms — a unique fusion of American be-bop and jazz with Ndebele rhythms.

The outfit has two CDs under their belts namely the ‘Blue Sky’ featuring Abel and Lucky together with Ben Gumbo and Eric Juba ( both late now) and ‘Isatilo’, (Abel, Lucky, Eric and Tims) with special guest Prudence Katomene.

Source : The Herald