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ZimTalent Hunt, a new initiative by United Kingdom-based Julius Muzuva, is set to unveil unique talent on the local scene. The programme was launched at a small but glamorous event hosted by the affable Tich Mataz at Sphinx Platinum Lounge at the Cresta Oasis Hotel in Harare last Friday. The event exhibited some of the most talented youths that are part of the International Talent Directory for talent scouts.

The local launch enhanced the programme that was running online and administered in the UK last year.

Muzuva said: “The main objective is to discover Zimbabwean talent in various categories of the performing arts, creative arts, sports and business through competitions and road shows in and around the country and the Diaspora.

“The nation will be asked to vote online quarterly and the final quarter will see the holding of a live event in Zimbabwe every year where new talent will be discovered in each category.”

He said talent discovered is registered and archived in the talent directory where producers, filmmakers and promoters would among other things scout for talent and aertise for positions or acts sought in their respective areas and projects.

“The talents themselves will also be able to apply for aertised positions for short-listing and have direct contact with the aertiser through a messaging system on our website,” said Muzuva.

“Talent is then exposed to a pool of volunteering mentors for guidance and assistance in their development. Through the online messaging system, talents will have assistance from people who already have made their mark and are icons in their respective areas.”

He said the talent directory website, which was launched in December 2014, now has more than 1 300 talent profiles.

The programme has 61 mentors and participants were last year required to submit their 60-second videos online at every stage of the competition.

Muzuva said last year’s singles collection was officially released on air through a UK-based station – Jamrock Radio – and interviews were done by UK-based Zimbabwean DJ King Alfred.

“The 2015 competition is underway in categories of music, theatre, film, modelling, poetry and comedy as well as creative art.”

Source : The Herald