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He was supposed to tour Zimbabwe in December last year but the trip was called off after the Jamaican government warned artistes against travelling to Africa because the Ebola outbreak. And the Jamaican musician, Luciano, is now set to fulfil his commitment with a performance at the Zimbabwe Sunsplush set for the Glamis Arena on April 10.

Show organisers concluded their paperwork yesterday and confirmed that The Messenger, as Luciano is popularly known, is travelling to Zimbabwe with his band for the show.

Luciano last performed in the country in 2009 after being invited by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and, as The Messenger, he told the world about the importance of the land redistribution programme in Zimbabwe.

He did not seek anyone’s approval and he did not hesitate to throw his weight behind the programme because he believes in giving the people what belongs to them.

Luciano had a good show in Zimbabwe and his message was heard throughout the world.

So, when The Messenger returns next month, the world will be ready for another word from the “It’s Me Again Jah” singer.

Luciano will share the stage with Winky D, Soul Jah Love, Transit Crew and Sniper Storm at the Sunsplush that would also be a mixed bag as it doubles as a mega introductory party for Pacific brand ambassadors Suluman Chimbetu, Jah Prayzah, Tocky Vibes and Martin Sibanda of Ndolwane of Ndolwane Super Sounds.

Event organisers Chipaz Promotions said the mixed bag is likely to produce a Sunsplush with a difference.

“The unveiling of Pacific ambassadors Sulu, Jah Prayzah, Tocky and Martin is a big event on its own but it will become a mega function because Luciano is gracing the Sunsplush.

“We are likely to witness an event with a difference because we will have many genres on one stage,” said Partson Chimbodza of Chipaz Promotions.

“If he had come last year for the Sting event, Luciano would have performed for mainly young music fans because of the nature of the function and supporting artistes. Now, he will perform for audiences of various music tastes and the show is also good for mature listeners that follow his music.

“Our partnership with Savanna Tobacco will obviously yield a memorable affair that is likely to leave lasting impressions. Fans and artistes alike will have a memorable event.”

He said they had maintained the reggaedancehall theme in their show and termed it Sunsplush, because reggae and dancehall musicians would celebrate with their counterparts from other genres that have been trusted with marketing Pacific brands.

However, the main focus will inevitably be on Luciano, who has not been on a local stage for about six years.

Born Jepther McClymont, Luciano began recording in 1992, with his first single “Ebony amp Ivory” on the Aquarius Record label, followed by his debut album “Moving Up” in 1993.

According to his official biography, Luciano is the seventh of nine children and was born to extremely spiritual and musical parents while growing up in Davyton, a small district in the central parish of Manchester, Jamaica .

After voicing several covers for the producer Sky High, Luciano released “Give My Love A Try,” which was produced at Castro Brown’s New Name Studio and was a hit in Jamaica.

It was there that Luciano met international reggae superstar Freddie McGregor. Joining McGregor’s Big Ship production company, Luciano began creating cultural, conscious reggae that reflected his religious and social concerns.

Luciano rose to prominence in the mid-1990s and he has been steadfast in his art over the years.

He has toured many countries and he did not hide his joy when he visited Zimbabwe. He should be looking forward to meeting his local fans again on the upcoming tour.

Source : The Herald