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IT is said a fool is a person who keeps doing the same thing over and over again and still expect a different result.

This adage is true for the country’s biggest opposition party, MDC-T which since its launch on September 11, 1999, Zimbabwe’s own 911, has pursued a policy of destructive engagement predicated on trying to destroy the foundations of the Zimbabwean state to make way for a so-called new Zimbabwe.

Suffice to say the MDC-T brand of quisling politics has failed to find purchase among the generality of Zimbabweans which explains why the party has lost all elections held since the turn of the millennium.

However, the ruinous sanctions MDC-T grovelled for are estimated to have cost Zimbabwe more than $42 billion in lost revenue while contracting the economy by a factor of over 40 percent over the past 15 years.

All this in line with the US government’s pledge to make the Zimbabwean economy scream.

The economy did scream yes, with people’s livelihoods plummeting in the process, but it was the inherited Rhodesian economy that has been screaming all the way to the history books, in its place has risen a truly Zimbabwean economy, anchored on a land-owning, wealth-creating Zimbabwean middle class.

This economy is still growing, and like any growing economy anywhere in the world naturally has birth pangs, but such pangs can never be justification for aborting like what the MDC-T has been trying to get Zimbabweans to do over the past 15 years.

Despite repeated snubbing by Zimbabweans, MDC-T and its handlers seem undeterred as they are again planning protests to destabilise the country in a bid to force early elections.

This aspiration would have been very funny if it was not so tragic. This is for the simple reason that MDC-T is a party in decline as shown by its massive rejection in the 2013 harmonised elections.

It is a party of antagonistic fractions and factions that can hardly organise a bun fight in a bakery. The party is desperate for relevance which explains why it is trying to eke political capital from nonentities like one Itayi Dzamara, whom the party claims was abducted by State security agents.

Any sane person would be hard-pressed to explain why the State would waste time and resources abducting a man who posed a threat only to the lawn around the bench he uneventfully warmed in Africa Unity Square.

We urge the police to summon Mr Morgan Tsvangirai so he can present the evidence of the alleged abduction, failing which he should stop trying to incite people’s emotions with falsehoods.

The MDC-T leader must know that he is not above the law. He may be desperate for a Lazarus Moment yes, but the nation should never suffer his excesses.

What Tsvangirai should know by now is that a new lease of life may only come from drafting relevant, progressive policies and selling them to the electorate who would in turn vest their trust in his party should it offer them a better deal than Zanu-PF.

Zanu-PF is running with Zim-Asset, mega deals have been struck and are being implemented to that effect.

What is the MDC-T doing? Grandstanding over Dzamara, threatening mass action that has never materialised even when the party was at its gest. And come 2018, voters will once again vote for Zanu-PF, Tsvangirai and gang will again cry foul, but the band will play on.

It is time voters consigned Tsvangirai and those of his ilk to the dustbins of history where they belong.

Source : The Herald